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Five (5) Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC)

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Please define the 5 Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC). Linear, Incremental, Iterative, Adaptive, Extreme models.

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This is a brief discussion of the project management life cycle.

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Linear project management life cycle Model:
The five process groups of scope, plan, implement, monitor, and closure are executed in linear manner. The scope change upsets the resource schedule. There is no looping back (Oratechsolve, 2013).
Linear, according to Hass (2008), is used when the business problem, opportunity, and solution are clear, no major changes are expected, and the effort is considered to be routine.

Incremental Project Management Life Cycle Model:
In this model deliverables are released incrementally according to a schedule. A partial solution is initially released, and additional parts of the solution are added to the initial release afterwards to form a more complete solution (Oratechsolve, 2013).
This is used ...

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