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Human Resources Management;

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Human Resources Management

1. Course Conclusion: You have just completed ten weeks of a course for managing human resource projects. Imagine you have been selected as one of five classmates that will speak in front of a collection of human resource managers looking for an entry-level project manager. Create a hierarchy of five of the most important topics you have gained knowledge of throughout this course. Give a detailed rationale for each of the five topics.

2. Project Management Advice: Imagine you work for a midsize organization that is inquiring about adding a project manager to your existing staff. Since you have knowledge about the subject, your boss turns to you for advice. Support or oppose the idea of adding a project manager with a complied list of at least 5 reasons. Justify the reasons with gained knowledge throughout the ten weeks of this course.

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The hierarchy of the five most important topics that I have learned during project management is the basis of comparison of project alternatives, estimation of the project costs, forecasting of demand, managing project life cycle, and the objectives of project management. These have been mentioned from the least important to the most important.

The rationale for selecting objectives of project management as the most important topic is that setting the objectives gives direction to project management. The achievement of these objectives signals that the project is complete. The objectives actually drive the project.

The rational for selecting project life cycle is that the project management life cycle gives me a step by step checklist of activities that must be performed to make the project successful.

I ...

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