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    Potential Obstacles to Business Plan Implementation

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    Please submit a 750 word response that discusses the obstacles, barriers or pitfalls that may influence the success of the plan you described and please include the factors that may influence those obstacles, barriers or pitfalls.

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    As possible obstacle to the success of the plan that has been described, is the fact that upper-level management within the organization may not have the skills necessary to effectively conduct a SWOT analysis, due to the fact that an analysis of this nature require a great deal of skill in order to effectively implement its ramifications, as well as to analyze the findings of this form of analysis. The inability of upper-level management to effectively ascertain the strengths of the organization, is a major barrier to the ability of these individuals to ascertain what will be the most appropriate plan of action in reference to effectively solving the problem of handling human resources. It is only by effectively ascertaining the strengths of the organization in reference to its human resources management effectiveness, that upper-level management can begin to ascertain the weaknesses of the organization in respect to human resources management, and it is imperative that the weaknesses that organization has in respect to handling human resources are effectively ascertained, in order for there to be the possibility of developing a plan, or paradigm change, that will ...