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Classic Management Activities

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Classic management activities are given under the scenario:

You're working as a process consultant with a client who has seen too many good strategies fail once they got to the implementation stage. You decide that the client needs an overview of how classic management activities - planning, organizing, controlling, and leading - enable successful strategy implementation.

You decide to share an article with your client and pair it with a short PowerPoint presentation on how management activities tie in.

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As you prepare your PowerPoint presentation, consider adding these ideas into your slides. When creating a PowerPoint, bullet formatting is preferable. Here are some ideas for consideration:

Possible Title: "Light at the End of the Tunnel: Management Strategies for to Ensure Implementation Success"

Slide 1: Intro: Just as the final seconds in a football game are crucial, the process steps and final stages of a management plan also require critical focus.
(Add a football graphic when creating your PowerPoint)

Slide 2: According to the article, "The Genius Is in the ...

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