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    Project Management - Schedule

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    Although this product is being targeted at the home consumer, the sales department thinks there is great potential in the commercial market, and it should be pursued. You brought this issue to the project sponsor who, in turn, brought it to executive management. They decided that this opportunity should be investigated as part of your project. They would like to see an opportunity assessment completed that defines the new markets, potential revenues, high-level sales and marketing strategy, and a five-year financial business case with initial expenses clearly defined. They have agreed to provide additional resources (people, funding, and time) to create this new deliverable. You need to tell them how many people you will need to complete this deliverable within the next six weeks. You can assume that the people will be allocated to work on this deliverable a maximum of 20 hours per week.

    Create a schedule focused on the creation of this new scope item. The schedule should include the following:

    A list of tasks that will need to be completed
    Dependencies between tasks
    Total estimated effort to complete each task
    Resource assignments
    Start and end dates

    The schedule should contain between 25 and 60 tasks/sub-tasks. Use Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, or any other appropriate tool to document your schedule. You will also need to define the team members you will need. For each team member you will need, create a bulleted list of skills/expertise they must have to complete their assigned tasks.

    Also need help creating a WBS for the above.

    Part 2:

    You identified the people you need for the project team, talked with the various department heads, and shared the time and skill requirements. All the departments are able to provide people to the project at the levels needed. The person from Design who normally participates heavily in this type of project, however, is on leave for the first six months of the project. You and the department manager were able to agree on replacing the one full-time person with two part-time people. The first person will be able to work on the project approximately 15 - 20 hours per week and can cover the tasks that require more design expertise. The design department manager has instead offered the following people from whom you can choose to cover the remaining tasks:

    Russell Smith - design specialist. Russell is in the same role as the person leaving but for a different product line. Russell is new to the company; however, he has been involved in creating a similar product at a prior company but in a more junior role. Russell is available to the project approximately 15 hours per week.

    Katy Jones - marketing specialist. Katy has been with the company for many years and is very familiar with the specifications, design implications, and production risks of many of the existing product lines, including one very similar to the new product. Katy is normally in a more senior design role on projects, which is the role being filled by the other person. Katy is available to the project approximately 10 hours per week.

    Need to create an email (about five paragraphs long) to the manager describing your options, your recommended staffing decision, the possible risks or difficulties that may come from your choice, and how you will address those risks/difficulties. Describe how you will pull this person into the project team and get their buy-in on the project's charter and their role on the project.

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    The project plan attached provides a 42 days schedule for designing the overall opportunity for the commercial market. The resources involved are mentioned in the Project Plan and the legend is described below. It is assumed ...