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Commun ication Management and Human Capital

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A. Communication Management:

Explain how the project manager will communicate performance evaluation results to both management and the customer.

b. Team selection:

Identify which project organization structure was selected and why this structure was selected. Explain how approval for this organization structure was obtained.

d. Performance monitoring:

Discuss how team members will report activities. Explain how the team's performance will be reported to the project stakeholders.

e. In the paper, be sure to also include the following:

1) Risk management items

2) Project status information

3) Cost and schedule variance analysis

4) Formulating cost/schedule/performance alternatives

5) Forecasting budget and schedule completion

6) Methods of corrective action taken

7) Managing expectations

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I only used one reference and the book reference I used is excellent. I am a project manager and wrote this original paper from my extensive knowledge and background. I used the reference for you to assist in your understand of human capital and project management.

Communication Management

The goal of the project manager is to properly communicate the project status to management and the customer. (Roberts 2007) At the beginning of the project the project's timeline will be implemented. This is the starting point for the flow of communication between the project manager, management and the customer. The project manager will schedule status updates to keep all stakeholders updated. An example would be a status check meeting every two weeks.

Project Organization Structure

I have chosen the Strong Matrix Organizational Structure for this project due to the fact that this is a high level project and the Project Manager must work with the functional manager, aka the team will communicate clearly and with the Project Manager making it easy for the Project Manager to update the stakeholders of the project.

Performance Monitoring and Project Status Information

The Project Manager will assign the following duties to the following team members:
1) The Team Manager will be in charge of ...

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