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Human Resource Strategy

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Read the article by Appleby and Mavin (2000) "Innovation no imiation: human-resource strategy and the impact on world-class status". The article discusses several methods and indicators of quality and strategy when linked to strategic human resource management. What key aspects of this article do you think you can apply most to your current organization? Since the article was published, many things have changed that might make this article of limited use? Please find a more contemporary piece (2010 or after) on the topic and summarize the article. Your response to this should include at least one outside reference from an academic journal and provide a solid overview of your understanding of strategic Human Resource Management

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The article by Appleby and Mavin (2000) points out, that there is a positive correlation between 'world class' organizations, and integrated HR strategy (1). The article also says that organizations with an integrated HR strategy have better practices regarding quality management, people management, development, sustainability, and innovation. This article applies to my current organization. Two years ago the HR strategy of my company was chaotic. At that time the quality of production was also weak and rate of defects was high. After that my ...

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The response provides you a structured explanation of and integrated HR strategy helps builds world class organizations . It also gives you the relevant references.