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    Question about Global Human Resource Management

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    Article analysis examining the strategic role of global human resource management (HRM). Please cite your references in your analysis.

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    //Before writing about the strategic role of the global human resource management, we have to first understand the importance of globalization in today's world. First, an overview of the global human resource management and its impact on the functioning of organizations is given, for example: //

    The Strategic Role of Global Human Resource Management

    Globalization has become the next big thing which has intruded the world trade scenario. The concept of global village has taken up the world by storm. Companies are making a beeline for crossing domestic borders to enter the world of international business. The scenario of international business is marked by big multinational corporations, fierce competition and great challenges. An organization has to embrace decentralization in order to enter and operate successfully in global markets. In the process of transforming a domestic business into global business involves complexity due to decentralization process. The process involves management of human resource which has varied backgrounds, wide variety of customers and suppliers. In addition, it also involves adapting to different local demands and cultures. The concept of managing human resource in an international business is known as global human resource management.

    //As per the directions, now we will discuss the challenges related to the global HRM and the way in which these challenges can be faced. The responsibility of the HRM is to build such an environment that helps the company in retaining its efficient employees. //

    The complexity of managing people increases as an organization undergoes expansion in ...

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