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Human Resource Management and Recent Global Issues

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Conduct online research of recent global issues. Choose issues that affect the economy, business relations, or business practices on a global scale. Predict and/or discuss how HR managers and management practices are affected by these issues.

Why should HRM professionals be concerned with global HRM issues? Why can we not simply focus on the US market?

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The solution discusses recent global issues and human resource management.

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Why should HRM professionals be concerned with global HRM issues? Why can we not simply focus on the US market?
Human Resource Management professionals must be concerned with global issues, and not simply focus on the U.S. market because we live on or in an international planet. Although, according to HRH Joie, continents are big islands and "countries" were an invention designed to separate people, workers come abroad from all over the world. Who is hirable? What are the laws surrounding employment, work visas, or other matters in the organization's country? If a firm practices outside their country of residence, how does the global mobility of employees effect the business?

George Mason University references other global HRM issues, such as "international, supranational, and national labor-related standards ...

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