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Group 1 Session: How might Ford Motors be affected by trends in Employment Law?

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Employment Law - Group 1

Briefly describe your reference organization (type of business, number of employees, unionized or not, and its HRM structure/organization). Please assess the degree to which your organization may be affected by recent updates and trends in federal and state employment law, and what if anything your organization may need to do to ensure that it is in compliance with these updates.

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Ford Motors Company: Employment Law


Human Resource Management plays an important role in the success of an organization in the competitive market place. The organizations have to focus on following the federal and state employment law while developing the HR system. Along with this, the HR policies and procedures of the organization should also comply with the legal framework of business environment (Bratton & Gold, 2001). The company selected for the study is Ford Motors. The HR framework, HR policies and their compliance with the federal and state employment law will be discussed in detail in this paper.

HRM Structure of Ford Motors

Ford Motors Company is one of the successful multinational companies of United States and the company is managing its operations in the global market successfully. The company operates in the automobile industry with the assistance of its subsidiaries, such as Automotive Components Holdings, Mazda, etc. The company manufactures cars and auto parts for selling in the global market. The company has 90 plants in the global market and has a big human resource of 300,000 employees for making its operations successful (Ford Motor, 2009).

There is well defined union structure in the company, which assists in managing the human resource and their issues in an effective manner. The presence of union in the company assists the employees in getting economic ...

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