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    Weigh Pros and Cons of Developing a Total Rewards Program

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    Total Rewards - Group 1

    Please use the same company / organization in all group 1 - American Company please

    In the session-long project, you will be asked to select a reference organization from the private-sector to use as a focus for your application of research ideas in each of the Modules. This may be your choice of:

    ? Your current workplace (if private-sector), or
    ? A private-sector workplace with which you are not affiliated but which you know about or are interested in

    Please note that you will not be asked to disclose any awkward material about the organization or any individual within it. You may also use a pseudonym for the organization's name to protect its anonymity. Your confidentiality will be fully respected; no one but the instructor will see anything you write.

    Your paper may discuss factual information specific to your organization, or it may discuss information specific to another employer, or even fictitious information that might apply to the organization you have chosen. What is important is your discussion of HRM terminology, laws, and HRM systems, policies, and processes and how they apply or might apply to an organization such as the one you have chosen.

    Please address the following in a paper, not including cover page and reference page

    - Weigh the pros and cons for developing a total rewards program in your organization. (If your organization already has such a program, then weigh the pros and cons of the program as it currently exists, and make recommendations for improving it.)

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    Total Rewards


    Reward system is very important for an organization and for a company like it is more important to introduce competition in the organization. A proper rewards system also helps in motivating and encouraging the employees to work for the company. Ford Motors have a highly developed reward system. This has helped the company to increase its growth and sustainability in the business world. It also helps in fighting competition. Rewards system should be properly planned and systematically organized.

    Reward System of Ford Motors

    Ford Motors has developed a reward system which is totally based on the performance of the employees. It has based its reward system on performance to increase the efficiency of the company, as well as, its employees. The reward system consists of pay based on the skills and the present and future performance of the employees. The appraisal of the employees is done on the basis of their performance at the workplace. The company also ...

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    The Response Addresses the Queries Posted in 602 Words, APA References