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    Writing Programs in VB or C#

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    I am working on a very basic program for a small town library. The program is intended to help people who visit the library to look up books. They can look up the author or the title and the program will tell them where to find the book. I can write this program in VB or C#. What I need to do is to weigh what the pros and cons are of each language in reference to developing the library program.

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    First of all, I will assume that you would be equally comfortable with your programming skills to do the project in either VB or C#. If that is not the case, I would suggest that you go with that language/programming system that you are most comfortable and knowledgeable with. I think you will be most effective working with the system you know best and are most comfortable working in. In almost every task we do, there is an element of learning in it, but my presumption here is that this project should not be primarily a learning experience for you. So you will probably be most effective and efficient working in the most comfortable system.

    Having said that, if I personally met the conditions that I've outlined above ...

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