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    C# is the result of Microsoft's .NET initiative telling Anders Hejlsberg that they needed a new object-orientated programming language. As with C++, the decision was made to have this new language be an 'upgrading' of sorts for C, mainly by tailoring that procedural language into an object-orientated one, and like C++, the name C# (pronounced 'C sharp') is a notation joke, only here it is referring to the sharp in musical notation lifting a note's pitch by one semitone instead of programming notation's incremental operator. The main difference between the two languages is that C# is more high-level, taking care of much memory management, etc. behind the scenes (somewhat like Java). This makes it faster to develop in for some, though performance is almost always slower than a program written in C or C++. 

    Anders Hejlsberg. Image Credit: DBegley.

    Since its inception and creation, C# has been approved  by Ecma and ISO as an industry standard, and has gained popularity for its versatility, being able to code everything from websites to console games, yet its older sibling C++ is still in more widespread use. However, C++ does have the advantage of being older so one cannot take these levels at face value. In addition to its versatility, C# boasts strong typing, imperative, declarative and functional programming disciplines. C# makes use of the following syntax regularly: semicolons, curly braces, variable assignments using equal signs and squared brackets.

    Thanks to some striking similarities in syntax with other languages such as C, C++ and Java, James Gosling, who created Java and Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems called the original C# an imitation of Java. However, since the release of the new Java upgrades and new C# upgrades, the languages have diverged in different directions. C# has gone through five releases in its lifetime so far, with the last one occurring in June 2013 as of the time of writing.

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    Code Reuse Objects

    What is an example of how one would re-use a C# object. At the same time, one must avoid code plagiarism. How does one reconcile the two? Describe some benefits of code citations in addition to avoiding plagiarism.

    Test line in C

    TestLineNumbering that accepts one command-line argument, the name of the file. Your code should verify that a single command-line argument was specified. Declare a variable that holds a File object which is initialized from the file named in the first command-line argument. Within a try-catch block, create: - a buffered,


    Thank you for allowing me to see better with your guidance.


    I would like your assistance in resolving my issue. Any and all the guidance you provide will be greatly appreciated.

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    Write a Windows Form program for a Nina's Cookie Source. The user will be able to select from at least three types of cookies, each with a different price per dozen. The user can select 1/2, 1, 2, or 3 dozen cookies. Adjust the final displayed price as the user chooses a different cookie types and/or quantities.