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    C# - Nina's Cookie Source

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    Write a Windows Form program for a Nina's Cookie Source.

    The user will be able to select from at least three types of cookies, each with a different price per dozen.

    The user can select 1/2, 1, 2, or 3 dozen cookies.

    Adjust the final displayed price as the user chooses a different cookie types and/or quantities.

    Allow the user to select an order date from a MonthCalendar.

    Assuming that the shipping takes three days, display the estimated arrival date for the order.

    Include as many labels as necessary so that the user understands how to use the Form.

    Include at least one other functional control such as a button (Exit button) or a MenuStrip having an Exit and an About selection.

    Internal Documentation.

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    This is a C# program for a Windows application. This program demonstrates the use of various Windows controls as well as control structures in C#.NET.