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    Product Layout and Process Layout

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    What is the difference between product layout and process layout? How would product layout and process layout apply to a cookie company?

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    What is the difference between product layout and process layout?

    According to Inman, R., process layouts (sometimes referred also as functional layouts) are facility configurations in which functions that operate similarly are grouped together for the purpose of processing goods or providing services that involve various processing requirements.

    Product layouts are found in flow shops that produce high-volume and highly standardized products that need highly standardized, repetitive processes. In this layout, the resources are arranged sequentially and are based on the routing of the products. The entire process is laid out in a straight line where there is a dedication to the production of only one product or version. There can be subdivision in the flow of the line so that there is a smooth utilization of labor and equipment throughout the operation.

    In the product layout, products follow an assembly line and there is a logical sequence when the different operations are undertaken while in process layout the workstations or equipment that undertake similar processes are grouped together and the products move ...

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    The solution differentiates product layout and process layout and how they would apply to a cookie company. References are included.