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Business Operations Management Layout Design

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Layout Design Paper

1) Identify the type of layout that might be adopted by a high end custom bicycle assembler
2) Explaining the reasons for your choice:
3) State any assumptions that you are making.
4) Discuss the implications of variety and volume on product flow and/or the implications of variety and volume on customer service, as appropriate, base on your chosen layout. Your paper should be 500 words in length.
Need illustrations and references

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Layout Decision
Layout decisions are very important in an operations process as they have the ability to affect the systematic flow of materials and people in a drastic way. The decision for best layout for a high end bicycle custom assemble has to be based on four basic types of layout which includes.

• Fixed position layout: This layout is used for bulk products which remain at one place and manufacturing equipment is moved to the product instead of vice versa.
• Process layout: It is a layout format in which similar equipment or functions are grouped together.
• Cell layout: In this layout, dissimilar machines are grouped into work centers to work on products that have ...

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