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    Facilities Management and Guest Services

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    Facilities Management and Guest Services

    Describe the role of facilities management in ensuring guest service and satisfaction.

    Describe how a facility's design negatively affected a real-life experience of yours. How could the facility have altered its design to increase your satisfaction?

    Describe how a facility's design positively affected a real-life experience of yours. How may a facilities manager ensure this remains a positive experience for guests?

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    Facilities Management & Guest Services

    Roles of Facilities Management in Ensuring Guest Service & Satisfactions

    "Facilities" admits constructions, grounds, utilities and apparatus. It refers to the capital assets of an entity. In other words facility management is the organization of a facility. Although, it seems very simple but the fact is this, that facility management covers numerous areas of management that need to be managed so that the facility management of an organization or association can work well (Teicholz, 2001). It could also be defined as management and coordination of interconnected people, process and place issues and functions within an entity or the organization.

    Facility management plays a prominent role in coordinating the physical workplace with its people and various functions. In ensuring guest services and satisfactions, an entity like a hotel or restaurant can easily make use of facilities management. It will assist the entity in managing its people, place and process related aspects (Teicholz, 2001). With the adoption of facilities management, they can offer their customers' and guests the most advanced and demanded services. This could ...

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    This solution provides a brief definition of facilities management is given, as well as a description of its role in coordinating the people and functions of the workplace. How facility design can be both positive and negative is also discussed in relation to guest satisfaction. Approximately 793 words with 3 references.