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Roles & Responsibilities at a Lodging Facility

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1 What are the roles and responsibilities of each department in a lodging facility as it applies to guest services? Should a lodging facilites Back of House (BOH) operations be concerned with guest service? Why or why not?

2 What impact has globalization had on the lodging industry? How can a lodging facility meet the needs of a diverse customer base?

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The roles and responsibilities of each departments in a lodging facility are examined. The impact of globalization on lodging industry is examined.

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All departments are responsible for guest services. The goal of a hotel, resort, motel, or inn is to keep serving customers. So every department has the responsibility to see that the facility is in good shape and/or runs smoothly for the benefit of the customer.

Using a large hotel as the foundation:
Finance and accounting: To make sure the bills are paid and the customer is billed correctly.

Front office - to make sure the guests have rooms, their reservations are handled correctly, to take messages and help find information when needed, to keep track of charges and the needs of the guests.

Housekeeping - to make sure the guest has a clean room with clean linens, enough toiletries, the floors and surfaces are clean and trash removed, helping the customer relax and let others take care of the day to day ...

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