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Lodging Facilities and Management Paper

Lodging Facilities and Management Paper

· Prepare a paper in which you describe different types of lodging facilities. In your paper be sure to address the following:
· Select two different types of lodging facilities (e.g., luxury hotel, resort, cruise line).
· Describe your selected facilities.
· Describe the managerial roles that exist within your selected facilities.
· Prepare to discuss this paper in class.
· Format your paper according to APA standards.

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Lodging Facilities & Management

Lodging facility is a type of inhabited accommodation. Generally individuals who take a trip and stay away from home for more than a day demand accommodation for sleep, ease, safety, shelter from general temperatures or rainfall, depot of luggage and approach to common household purposes (Hotels & Lodging Facilities, 2003). Lodging facility can be rendered to individuals in the form of hotel, hostel, guest house and resort along with various other services like food, games, healthcare and number of other hospitality services. Lodging facilities in present are of different types, which we will explain in this paper.
Resort Lodging Facilities
Resort lodging facility is a type of lodging which is generally utilized by individuals for ease or refreshment. This facility is generally for the customers ...

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