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Juvenile Drug Correction Facilities in New York

Task: Locate three separate corrections programs and detention facilities in New York designed for juvenile drug abusers. Make sure you have selected one detention facility and one correction program. The third selection can be of either genre. Write a summary describing the similarities and differences of the correction programs and facilities.

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One detention program is run by the Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth. This agency provides residential and community treatment of court-placed youth, it has a capacity of 2,000 beds in the State ranging from secure centers to community residences and intake facilities for youth re-placed in voluntary agencies(New York State Office of Children & Family Services 2008).

The entire rehabilitation program has 31 residential facilities, six residential homes, two reception centers and eight day placement centers. This center provides several program services like counseling services, health services, mental health services, education services and ministerial services. There are also program supports and community services that this detention agency provides. These include classification and movement, aftercare services, family advocacy, management and program support (New York State Office of Children & Family Services 2008).

The second detention facility that I would like to consider is the detention facilities run by the department of Juvenile Justice. This facility prides itself for locks on the doors and restrictive hardware to restrict the movement of residents and protect public safety. This detention facility is focused on providing education, medical, mental health, case management and other needed services (Department of Juvenile Justice 2006).

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In about 840 words, including two references, this posting identifies three correction facilities in New York City for juvenile drug abusers and examines each of these programs, highlighting the benefits of each. All three facilities are compared and contrasted with one another.