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    Correction Comparisons: Female Juveniles

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    I need to locate three separate corrections programs and detention facilities in Pennsylvania for female juveniles. I have to have one from a detention facility and one from a correction program. The third can be of either genre.

    Describe the similarities and differences of the correction programs and facilities.

    Use APA guidelines.

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

    Can and will someone help me with this? All I need is some guidance to get me on the right tract I'll do the actual assignment.

    The book I'm using is Juvenile Justice (4th ed.) by Karen M. Hess and Robert W. Drowns

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    Dear Student,
    Here is your solution. It is quite extensive in that it explores possible sources of additional details. The attachments are valuable, especially the information sheet. I have also attached a word version of the solution which is far better presented than the one immediately following below. Print this as your guide. I created a table for you APA style for comparisons. Expand it as you may. Good Luck! Thank you for using Brainmass.

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    An Insight on Detention & Corrections: Female Juvenile Justice in Pennsylvania

    Your post asks assistance in differentiating & comparing detention and correctional facilities for female juveniles in the state of Pennsylvania. Before we go into details as well as further advise to give 'structure' to your inquiry you need to understand the value of this inquiry in terms of youth justice system. Why are males & females segregated? Why is it that your professor only asked you to enquire for the state of Pennsylvania & not the whole of the US? Aside from perhaps the obvious answers (i.e. you are in Pennsylvania, male & females are segregated to avoid gender violence, etc.) there are specific ones. Across the US there are 51 different juvenile justice systems. Each State has its own way of imposing and facilitating youth justice & rehabilitation. They have similarities to each other and follow certain guidelines in accordance with the goals & mandate imposed by the National Justice system but that's about it. While some states allow for private organizations to handle corrections, reform & rehabilitation, some states only allow for federally or State run systems designed and approved by the State's governing bodies. Much like the manner by which each state has a stand on capital punishment, each state has a stand and a way of imposing juvenile justice & rehabilitation. Some are youth friendly, aiming at rehabilitation instead of just imposing punishment. Some are imposing punishment with that as its main aim believing that punishment gives lessons and makes an example of the youth who committed the crime. Just like the corrections facilities for adult criminals & offenders, correction facilities are about degrees criminality --- how heavy or light the crime. First time offenders with low chances of repeating are usually sent over to Detention or Reform centres while those committing crimes of heavy punishment like rape, homicide are sent to correction facilities. When the crime is heinous, questions are raised about imposing Adult punishment and as is the case with Brazill of Florida who murdered his teacher in cold blood, punishment meted out by the jury was equivalent to adult 21 years to lifetime imprisonment.

    Now let's get back to your focus: female juveniles in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Juvenile Corrections & Detentions centres are decentralized. Counties operate each centre. Juvenile intake into the system, rehabilitation & correction as well as after care and re-integration are organized under the administrative authority of the County & the Juvenile Court Judge. Juvenile probationary officers are responsible for overseeing the intake, the court proceedings, punishment/sentencing/rehabilitation as well as re-integration of the delinquent youth or 'Juvie' to the community. Youth Forestry camps as well as secure youth centres primarily for detention & at times correction is administered by the Office of Children, Youth, & Families of the Department of Welfare. For cases of delinquency, that is --- a minor criminal act, court ...

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    The solution was created to help a student put together a socio-criminology project on female juvenile delinquency. The solution locates 3 specific correction programs/facilities in the state of Pennsylvania, comparing & contrasting them with each other aside from providing an analysis of what the programs are about. Included is the word version of the solution & an information sheet, a table of comparison as well as a list detention & correction facilities with their contact details,all costructed under APA Guidelines and informed by the Book Juvenile Justice by Karen Hess & Robert Drowns.