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Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Programs

Locate four or five prevention programs for female juvenile offenders.

* Name of Program
* Program Web site
* Target audience
* Primary approach to prevention
* Services offered
* Available resources
* Level of prevention (primary, secondary, or tertiary)
* How did you determine the target audience for this program?
* How is this program similar to or different from other prevention
programs with the same goal?

These are some of the things I'm looking for to be able to complete this assignment. Any help with this will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance. The book I am using is Juvenile Justice (4th. ed.) by Karen M. Hess and Robert W. Drowns.

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Dear Student,

Your Post asks for assistance in detailing Programs for Female Juvenile offenders with particular categories in place. In order to make it particular and comparatory, I have decided to look at programs from a national onwards to local/county specific focus that you can use as an informatory guide. You can expand it of course. I have used the programs listed and related to the last post I have answered for you (Female Juvenile Offenders in Pennsylvania and particulars of their Detention & Correction). Now before we get into details I reckon that you will need a bit of background information on what this particular part of your studies is asking you. From the categories presented it is easy to see that the resources you are required to present should have a web presence and that all of them should be intended for varied audiences. Society is made up of various social networks, that of the youth and of the adult populace as well as units and groupings where the young and the old congregate (i.e. Schools, family units, etc.) to create a secondary or primary grouping. Target audiences are referenced according to their groups or that particular aspect of their identities to relay unique messages that they can understand and relate to, to create meanings that would affect the target audience to urge & campaign for prevention & rehabilitation/understanding of issues & particulars relating to Female Juvenile Delinquency.

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A General Focus on female Delinquency Nationwide

- A government body focused on administering, supporting & developing programs for the prevention of female delinquency across the 51 States.

Website: http://www.ojjdp.ncjrs.org/about/about.html

Official Name of the Organization: Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Department of Justice (DOJ)

What is the OJJDP? It is a branch of the DOJ addressing juveniles in crisis from those experiencing abuse & neglect to those who are violent & serious offenders. The Office collaborates with various professional bodies & Federal agencies to address issues that affect Juveniles across the US. The target audience of the website & the OJJDP is the general public, the masses. Their website, although official and maintained by the DOJ is designed so as to be easily navigable and searchable. To further relay their message, they created a slideshow movie on their site which can be visited via this link: http://www.ojjdp.ncjrs.org/about/OJJDP_WEB_MM_06.html

Approaches to Prevention & Available services --- being the primary government body of the DOJ addressing the issue cantering on prevention, the OJJDP primarily accomplishes their task by means of supporting, developing and implementing county-specific programs and national campaigns in visible media on issues that are related or affecting Juvenile delinquency. For female youth delinquency, specific programs across the Nation centre on issues like Gangs, Underage Prostitution, Teen-age Pregnancy, etc. As a primary government body, they are empowered to support via government funding programs that are worthy of implementation as well as research that are geared at understanding the nature of female youth delinquency ...

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The solution presents jevenile delinquency programs that have a web-presence. It analyses how the programs are presented according to their target audience, the services offered, the level of prevention taken on and provides other available resources to understand what the programs presented are about. The programs chosen range from local & state-wide to national programs to present a micro & macro view of current juvenile delinquency programs available through their web presence, reaching, if possible a conclusion towards their effectivity.