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    Adolescent delinquency: major problem

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    1) Describe adolescents delinquencya major problem often experienced by adolescents.
    2) What are its likely causes of adolescents delinquency?
    3) How is the problem typically treated?
    4) Identify alternative treatments that could be more effective.

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    A number of causes have been cited as factors influencing juvenile delinquency. Poverty, family
    problems, housing issues, child neglect, adult substance abuse, and low intelligence are some of the
    causes identified in literature (U.S. Children's Bureau, 1953). However, these factors do not fully explain
    why 30 to 40% of adolescent males living in urban areas participate in delinquent behavior (Roberts,
    2005). Factors like poor academic performance and leaving school early are some characteristics of
    adolescents participating in illegal activities. These factors indicate that an emphasis on the importance
    of education may not be present or that concern ...

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    The solution describes the adolescent delinquency major problems often experienced by adolescents. The likely causes of adolescent delinquency are determined.