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    Juvenile Delinquency Prevention

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    Delinquency Prevention

    As the adage states, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This week you learned about "The Many Faces of Delinquency Prevention For this assignment, please complete the following:
    ◦Research different types of early prevention with regards to delinquency programs nationwide.
    ◦Select two programs that you feel are effective. In a 2-2.5 page Essay, summarize what makes them successful, discuss their cost effectiveness, and explain their ability to curtail juvenile delinquency.

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    The first program that will be discussed is the Adolescent Diversion Project at (Michigan State University). This program is placated upon providing youths that have been arrested with community-based services that seek to divert them from entering formal processing within the juvenile justice system. The objective of this program is to establish familial bonds with youths and their families that can create more prosocial attitudes within youthful offenders while also exposing them to their community as young men and women who are willing to be productive members of their communities. By preventing them from becoming stigmatized and labelled as criminals, the youth will ...

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    Juvenile delinquency prevention is examined.