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    Guiding Principles on Female Juvenile Correction

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    Create a list of 3-4 guiding principles to be used during the development of a treatment strategy for female juvenile offenders.

    Outline a treatment strategy.

    Develop a comprehensive portfolio of information about female juvenile offenders in the juvenile justice system. The portfolio needs to contain information about the following elements:
    * Profile and risk factors
    * Corrections and detention
    * Juvenile courts
    * Prevention programs
    * Guiding Principles
    * Treatment strategy

    I need some help on this one because I can honestly say I don't even know what a portfolio is. Any help and suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for all of your knowledge.

    The book I'm using is Juvenile Justice (4th ed.) by Karen M. Hess and Robert W. Drowns

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    Dear Student,
    Your posting asks for help in creating guiding principles on treatment strategies of female juvenile delinquents, portfolio style. Porfolio can either mean highly descriptive & comprehensive data guide via text or a structural concise guide on each of the particular elements you set. I have decided to create 3 for you, one heavy textual description as you can see below and is also attached in it's word version. The other I created a Table portfolio for you, concise & comparative using all the elements as well as giving you an aspect to aspect comparison of each elements using Intervention & Multi-dimensional strategies. The Table is attached as well. Print this out as your concise portfolio or a guide in creating a more comprehensive one. Goodluck!

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    Creating a Treatment Strategy for Female Juvenile Offenders: Outline & Guiding Principles

    Before we get to details, let us first discuss what a portfolio is. In this case, this is quite simple. Your professor is asking you to compile information pertaining to an approach for the treatment/rehabilitation of a female offender. The treatment is a set of particular strategies focusing on aspects of the delinquency that is a major cause or factor in why the offense was committed in the first place. In a way, the treatment targets to correct as well as combat the particular cause of the offense to rehabilitate and re-integrate the juvenile delinquent as a productive member of society. This is the treatments' goal anyway but its effectivity is dependent upon the way it is implemented, the people involved, the juvenile in question among, other things. Your post gives various factors to be considered when creating or outlining a treatment strategy. Remember that an outline is concise, although packed full with information, an outline is not so much messy in details but synthesized and written so that it tends to cover all areas. It is like a structure wherein the messy descriptions come together when the structure is in place, when it is in use. Think of the beginnings of an essay, or a paper. Before the author could go on and write it, he outlines the body to designate areas of discussion, introduction, discussion, details and closure.

    Profile, risk factors and the rest of the elements asked are part of the structure that this particular body of your inquiry needs to give depth to ...

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    The Solution provides a sample portfolio of Correction design in treatment of female juvenile offenders. The Solution looks into a 'Mental Health Approach' treatment strategy & provides a profile of possible juvenile participants as well as the risk factors involved. It also looks into the Correction & Detention aspect, the role of the Juvenile Courts, Treatment Strategies & Guiding principles that would be used for the portfolio/program. The solution is created as a sample with a view to guide the student in creating his or her own interpretation using it as a guide. Attached is a word-version of the solutionas well as a Table of the Treatment Portfolio that supports the solution.