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Evaluation report for Hotel Escargo

You are a consultant hired by the Hotel Escargo management team with the charge to improve the hotel procedures and increase quality and customer satisfaction. Using the Hotel Escargo information provided here, write an evaluation report to the hotel management team on your observations and initial recommendations for improvement, answering the following questions:
1. What seems to be the overriding quality issue at Hotel Escargo?
2. What might be some of your initial recommendations prior to using any quality tools?
3. How can quality management make the hotel a more successful business?

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1861 words with references.

//The term quality can be interpreted differently depending upon the place and type of business. For example, in banks quality refers to 'service', in hotels and restaurants it means 'customer satisfaction' and in IT sectors it refers to 'quality of the product'. The following paper will deal with the quality and issues related to the hotel Escargo.//

It has been observed that in hotel industry, customer satisfaction is based on the quality of the service. Customer satisfaction also improves customer loyalty and thereby, creates a positive image of the hotel. In the hotel industry, customer satisfaction is concerned with managing the execrations of the customers. Quality of the service and the customer satisfaction are the two important factors for the success of the hotel industry. Quality is one of the biggest challenges faced by the managers in the hotel industry (Hogan, 2010).

Maintaining good relationship with the guests is considered as a significant asset for any organization all over the globe. In the context of hotel industry, affirmative relations with the guests can lead to customer loyalty and increasing their revisit rate. The long term relationship with the guests can beneficial as this results in customer loyalty and increases the possibility of their return to the same hotel. With respect to the current scenario, hotels are investing more and more to improve the quality of the services to achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This creates a positive image of the hotel through word of mouth and an increase in the rate of return of the guests (Why Customer Satisfaction Matters. 2014).

In context to hotel Escargo, the hotel is currently facing certain quality issues. They are not able to create customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the hotel industry, elements like sanitation, price, location and standard of service play a very important role in creating customer satisfaction. It is important that management of the hotel Escargo needs to recognize the attributes that affect the customer satisfaction. The hotel is currently facing the problem in the check- out and the check- in procedure. The process is taking more time than it is supposed to take. The process is proving to be inefficient for the hotel and the guests and as a result, this is creating an appalling image of the hotel. If management of the hotel follows the check-in and check-out standards put forward by the hotel industry, they not only can be rewarded with awards like 'Roadster Four Diamond' or 'Touring Association Five Platinum Star Award', but can also earn customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

//The above section explained the importance of quality and customer satisfaction in the hotel industry. This section also highlights the problems faced by the hotel Escargo in achieving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The next section will discuss the superseding quality issues experienced at the hotel Escargo.//

The prime problem faced by the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1861 words with references.