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    Design, manufacture, and assembly of your laptop

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    create a report describing the process needed to manufacture your computer. Include the following in your explanation:
    • The layout needed to manufacture the computer
    • The types of processes needed to assemble the computer
    • A process map for the design and manufacture of the computer
    Ensure that you tie the manufacture of the computer to the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model's five basic processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return.
    include a manufacturing layout and a process map. These should be illustrated in your MS Word document. Plagiarism free with reference please.

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    See the attached file. Please use this as a guideline. I hope this assists you.

    I have updated this to include the process flow chart.

    Laptop Production Project Report
    August 2, 2012

    1-1 Introduction
    1-2 Product Layout
    1-3 Facilities Layout
    1-4 Product Design
    1-5 Product Manufacturing
    1-6 Product Assembly
    1-7 Process Flow Chart
    1-8 Conclusion

    1-1 Introduction:
    After coming to the consensus the organization will move forward with laptop manufacturing project, I have created this report to outline the processes and requirements to fulfill the goals of the organization. To begin the project we must have a suitable facility with the appropriate layout to manufacture the laptops. Next, we must have the proper product layout to ensure that mass production is successful in supplying the needs of our customer base. Once we have a functional facility that meets the demands of the project, we can begin to develop the product design. The design process ...

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