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Buyer Behavior Questionnaire

In the near future, your company is planning on marketing a low cost laptop computer for home use that is capable of running basic programs such as word processing, tax computation, and simple spreadsheets. The marketing department has an extensive database of previous customers which includes many of their email addresses. You have been assigned to develop an email survey consisting of approximately 12 questions that will help the department to target the demographic groups that would be most likely to purchase this new laptop.

Once you have decided which areas to focus on in this survey, develop 12 questions. In order to make information easy to compile and process, questions should be written so that respondents can choose one or more options from a list of possible responses.Here is an example:

What is your annual family income? Circle one answer.

1. Under $25,00
2. Between $25,000 and %50,000
3. Between $50,000 and $75,000
4. Over $75,000

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The key of good survey design is to start with fact-base question and then move into more sensitive questions. There are two areas of focus on the following survey: (1) Customers' preference on the product specification and (2) How do they plan to use the laptop.

Question 1
Do you currently have a laptop?
1. Yes
2. No

Question 2
If you currently have a laptop, how satisfied are you with your laptop? If you currently don't have a laptop, please proceed to question 3.
1. Very satisfied.
2. Somewhat satisfied.
3. Somewhat unsatisfied.
4. Very unsatisfied.

Question 3
Have you recently considered purchasing a new laptop?
1. Yes
2. No

Question 4
If you are ...

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This solution provides an 11 question buyer behavior questionnaire that embodies good survey design. It includes questions that touches on customers' preference on production specification and how they plan to use the product.