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Marketing Management

How would the marketing strategy for a company like Intel, which sells its products to computer makers and other businesses, be different from, say, Starbucks' strategies for marketing to final consumers?

Post ideas and discuss the differences between business customers and final consumers, incorporating what you've learned in the textbook about the differences between consumer buyer behavior and business buyer behavior

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Consumer Behavior & Business Buyer Behavior


Marketing has a very vast area. The soul of marketing exists in the marketing strategies of the business organizations. The marketing strategy is a long procedure, which makes an organization to implement its overall resources in the available opportunities, at the greatest level, in order to increase the sales of the company and to have a great competitive advantage. The marketing strategies of different industries are formed in different ways. The variation in the marketing strategies of the different industries is due to the varying elements of the marketing used by the companies. Apart from these variations, the main focus of the marketing strategy of all the industries is customer satisfaction (Peter & Donnelly, 2002).

Varying Marketing Strategies

The aim of the marketing strategy of all the companies is always to identify and satisfy customer needs and wants, profitably. The present marketing environment is very dynamic and the changes are discontinuous; making it essential for marketers to adapt various marketing strategies according to the behavior of their immediate customers. Both Intel and Starbucks are also two different industries which have varying business operations and production areas. According to their production areas, both have different types of consumer behavior and thus also have different marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies of Intel

Intel Incorporation is one of the world's most popular companies that deal in computer related business transactions. It is the most popular semiconductor company of the world. The company makes various complementary hardware of the computer system including chips of motherboards, flash memories, network cards, processors, etc. The company has entirely different customers than other general companies, as it operates in the computer field. To make its consumers buy these products and satisfy their requirements, the company has to follow a very effective marketing strategy.

The most important part of ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1227 Words, APA Reference