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    Systems of Equations and Reduced Row Echelon Form

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    2. A computer manufacturer produces three models of hardware: a desktop, a laptop, and
    a server. The production times for the desktop are 0.5 hours of assembly and 0.1 of packag-
    ing. For the laptop, it takes 1.0 hours of assembly and 0.6 hours of packaging. The server
    requires 1.5 hours of assembly and 1.2 hours of packaging. Suppose there are 75 labor-hours
    available in assembly and 54 labor hours available in packaging. Find all possible production
    schedules. That is, find all possible combinations of the three types of computers which can
    be manufactured using all the available labor-hours in both areas. Recall that it is hard to
    sell a partially built computer. Do all row operations by hand.

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