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Check Book Organizer in C#

I have attached a zip file of what I have completed so far in this checkbook organizer program. I need to edit this program so that the transactions entered into the checkbook application are able to be double clicked and view the details from a separate window. I want the user to be able to view the complete transaction details in this window to include current account balance, credit totals, debit totals at the time of the transaction. Each transaction is defined as its Date, Transaction Number, Amount, Type and description. The transactions must appear in a registry format.


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Dear Student,

Please find attached the complete project for CheckBook Organizer. It has a nice User Interface I am sure you will like. The ...

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A nice User Interface program written in C# to demonstrate a simple Check Book Organizer. You will be able to enter a starting balance, transaction with check amount/description/number/date and the transactions will be displayed in a grid. Clicking on the grid will open transaction details. Attached as .png and .zip.