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    Basic principles of change management

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    Can you help me get started with this assignment?

    8-10 PowerPoint Slides w/ speaker's notes

    Details: One of the major concerns you have about the imminent transition within your IT development department is the morale of the remaining EEST staff members. You see them affected by:

    - The departure of their former team-mates in the post-acquisition staff reduction
    - Their discomfort/unfamiliarity with the Organizer culture
    - Their fears about the future of the system upgrade project on which they have been working for nearly a year (given Organizer's stated policy about using only packaged applications software)

    You decide to have a meeting with these folks before the new Organizer staff members arrive to allow them to discuss their concerns and feelings and to try to encourage them about the group. As a basis for that discussion, you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation covering the basic principles of change management that you want to discuss with them. The presentation should cover some of the normal feelings and reactions they should expect to encounter, and descriptions of how you as their manager intend to address them.

    Regarding the upgrade project issue, you have been told by your VP that she expects that her new Organizer management will likely allow the project to continue. Even though that will mean an exception to normal Organizer policy for some period of time, the feeling is the newly-merged company cannot afford the cost of converting EEST business units to the Organizer Order Fulfillment package software immediately. However, that move is expected to come sometime in the future.

    I just need some help in starting this assignment - I have been unable to find much information to complete my PPT.

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    Thanks for posting today. I would be happy to help you get started out on this.

    First, I immediately had the following sources come to mind:

    Winning Through Innovation: A Practical Guide to Leading Organizational Change and Renewal
    Michael ...

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