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    change management

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    I would like help understanding how to write a recommendation analysis of how large and small firms utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands. Keep in mind that changes are proactive and reactive. How are large and small affected. What are some pitfalls to avoid when implementing change.

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    You are correct that we are in a time where change is coming more rapidly than ever in history. The unpreparedness for this era may be a fundamental reason why thus far most change initiatives have failed. The reasons for failure have been reported to include:

    absence of a change champion or one who is too junior in the organization
    poor executive sponsorship or senior management support
    poor project management skills
    hope rested on a one-dimensional solution
    political infighting and turf wars
    poorly defined organizational objectives
    change team diverted to other projects

    The new ...

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    How does a change management plan get implemented. Why are they rarely utilized