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    Change management

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    Please assist me with this and include references.
    Describe change management.
    What is the ultimate goal of change management?
    Pick an example of a company that has dealt successfully with change management

    Below is an example:
    California State University
    While the 1980s may seem like a long time ago, a more recent example can be found at California State University (CSU). Any IT system change that happens at the main campus has to go through every satellite campus, meaning those 23 campuses and thousands of employees, staff, and students must adapt their IT systems as well. Dealing with change at a smaller organization can be a nightmare by itself; it's worse at a larger organization like CSU.
    • But, instead of merely throwing their hands up in disgust, the IT department decided to institute an automated change management system. Using Cisco's Pace functionality, the company can now make upgrades that will automatically make changes to the entire system. To make their change management strategy even more effective, they are now defining who can use what system and what changes they can make to their designated area. Their change management strategy considered the human factor and not only included the automated system, but also defined roles of change so that it would minimize the confusion and issues when a change has to be instituted.

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    //Change management has become an integral part of every organization whether it is big or small. It helps in making the functions of the organization effective and smooth by bringing necessary changes that lead to success for the company. People are motivated to shift from current situation to a new one for the individual, as well as organizational benefits. In context to this, the section below highlights the brief scenario of change management along with its goal. //

    Change management is considered as a beneficial approach that helps in bringing transition among teams, individuals and organization to a desired future state. It involves a systematic process in which people getting affected by the change are made familiar with its benefits in order to ensure their maximum support and positive attitude (Newton, 2013). The main aspects of change management are adapting to the necessary change, controlling change with the use of effective technique and tools, and effecting change. The concept of change management has to ...

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