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Obstacles to Change Management

My requirement is to write about a topic about THE CHANGE MANAGEMENT, different types of change management such as business change, competition change or emirates airlines or any other which is familiar about the change management.

Kindly note that a topic is about half page.
Answer the following questions bellow:
Why I choose this Topic?
What is the benefit?
What I have learned from this Topic?

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Obstacles to Change Management

As the competitive landscape changes, organizations must adapt to complexities of changes and at the same time drive business results. However, as easy it sounds, change management is not that easy for organizations. While management and leadership understand that change is inevitable, there are hurdles which delay or resist the process. I chose this topic because it is very important to know what obstacles can be encountered in the process of change management. It can hinder the change ...

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The obstacles to change management process are detailed.