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    Issues of change in a company

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    List at least four reasons why an organization implements change. What obstacles make implementing change more difficult? What actions or processes can a good change manager remove, alleviate, or implement to offset these obstacles? Identify a major change that needs to occur at an organization of your choice. As a change leader, describe how you would effectively lead the needed change.

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    List at least four reasons why an organization implements change.

    When product life cycles near their end and innovation is slow there needs to be change. This can include changing the products or services a company offers, expansion of product lines, shrinking of product lines, or mergers and acquisitions of companies.

    Economic issues and changes in the consumer base or consumer behavior can create the need for change.

    The change in leadership of a company brought on by death, replacing leaders by board.

    Ethical violations or other violations of laws, rules, or regulations that affect how the company operates.

    What obstacles make implementing change more difficult?

    People are the biggest obstacle. They fear change. They fear the unknown. The react poorly or with reduced productivity which creates a big obstacle to successful change.

    Lack of communication is another obstacle. People and issues do not get the proper information and this leads to confusion.

    Labor needs change and so do the skills sets of people, making change difficult. What is required for the old way of doing things might not be the way the new change progresses. People have to learn new skills.

    Training and changes in technology can obstacles for companies. Technology often ...

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