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    leadership styles in change management processes

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    Indentify and research two companies that have faced specific issues related to Analyzing the implications of different leadership styles on the change management process and Evaluate the influence of leadership on management practices.
    For each company discuss one of the issues in a 350-word synopsis. Include how the company responded to the issue and the outcomes of the company's response to the issues. The company GE can not be used.

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    // The Company that is discussed in this paper is, Crys-Tel telecommunication. This section will discuss the implication of leadership styles on the change management process in the Organization. It discusses an important issue related to the Organization. //

    Crys-Tel, a telecommunication organization, provides various career services, which include data and value- added services over the Internet. It is a well developed company and operates both as a retail career and as a wholesale career. It enables users to use a standard telephone through its phone- to- phone service without the need of additional equipment.

    The management of the company has decided to change its product portfolio and offer new products on a regular basis so as to fulfill the demands of the market. Following factors are helpful in improving the performance of the company in the market: unique product, excellent- customer services, high quality, competitive advantage, decreased time to market and competitors. If the profit level of the company along with its market shares and revenue are increasing in the competitive environment due to change, it means the change is progressive for the organization. Increases in the customer satisfaction level also measure the progress of change (Cameron & Green, 2004).

    // After discussing the issue in the Company; this section will suggest a possible change management process to overcome it. It also discusses the leadership style of the CEO of Crys-tel. //

    By changing some of the members, the CEO at Crys-Tel requested to restructure the management team. To build a sustainable culture and to bring transformation in the organization, the CEO worked through difficulties and retained and managed his team, which helped in achieving the goals of the organization. Crys-Tel communications works with a task-oriented leadership style, but if it had followed the people- oriented leadership ...

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