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Asian and American Leadership Styles

In "Asian and American Leadership Styles: How Are They Unique?" by D. Quinn Mills, HBS discusses nine qualities people look for in a leader. http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/4869.html

How might these qualities help leaders get results within an organization?

- Humility
- Integrity
- Decisiveness
- Emotional Toughness
- Emotional Resonance
- Adaptability
- Self-Knowledge

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Asian and American Leadership Styles

Mills (2005) claims that one of the most important factors in successfully managing an Asian-based (culturally and value oriented) is business leadership. Interestingly, this business leadership has important differences from their colleagues in the West. Furthermore, he claims that leadership styles in the United States are more varied than in Asia (Mills, 2005).

Interestingly, within Asia, the relative importance of each of the nine key qualities people seek in successful leaders vary from country to country. These nine key qualities are passion, decisiveness, conviction, integrity, adaptability, emotional toughness, emotional resonance, self-knowledge, and humility. Let us take passion for ...

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This solution discusses the differences between Asian and American leadership styles.