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    Cultural differences between Native Americans and Asians

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    My part is beliefs and values on this team paper. We pick Native Americans and Asians as our culture

    This is what the professor said about the paper: The paper should be a compare and contrast narrative which discerns the similarities and differences of a traditional culture and a non-traditional culture.If you choose Native American culture as one of your subjects, then you will need to choose another culture that has interesting contrasting features to balance your composition. In your paper, you and your team have the latitude to label either culture as traditional or non-traditional.

    Compare and contrast your selected traditional and nontraditional cultures.

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    Culture is a source of generic expectations; default goals, desires, and needs; and overarching values (Kitayama, 2003). Cultural variations in beliefs and views, then, would enable researchers to take a renewed look at the individualism between cultures.

    Native Americans:

    The term Native American refers to people from more than 500 distinct cultural groups indigenous
    to North America (Weaver, 1999). Within each cultural group there are a core set of traditional beliefs and values along with a set of modern, local society's beliefs and values. Some indigenous people have assimilated the values and beliefs of the dominant society, while others hold firmly to traditional belief systems (Weaver, 1999). Traditional Native American beliefs are that American culture does not play into the favor of the tribe and that it is more harm than good. Often indigenous communities are very protective and caring toward their own people, yet this protectiveness may result in rejecting a tribal member who is perceived as a threat to the community (Weaver, 1999). Views of self, family, society, nature, time, and communication emerge from this basic world view.

    Many Native Americans believe that spiritual power will lead to more responsible ...

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