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Integrating Ethnic Groups into the American Culture

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Discuss the pros and cons of integration of ethnic groups into the American culture.
Visit the U.S. Census website. Determine what data are available there on the following. Determine which of this is most useful to marketers. Explain your answer.

- Native Americans
- African-Americans
-o Asian-Americans

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This solution embraces the need for organizations to strategically align the marketing of products to encompass all ethnic groups based on the demographic profile of their distribution areas. It is vitally important that strategic marketers segment the market and learn the buying habits, customs, behaviors, and lifestyles of the residing ethnic groups so as to productively serve their individual needs. This solutions looks into cultural differences and what marketers need to know to target and culturally cross-sell their products effectively.

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You should be able to write a synopsis of the questions using the bulleted points I have given; I have provided you with references for further review so that you may be able to fully understand the points I have made and assimilate them into an understandable paper.


The Changing American Society: Subcultures

Pros and cons of integration of ethnic groups into the American culture:
Allen, J. P. (2006). How successful are recent immigrants to the United States and their children? APCG Yearbook. 68, 9-32.
Cho, C. H., Holcombe, J. & Murphy, D. (2004). Multicultural marketing in contemporary U.S. markets. Report of Insights Marketing Group, Inc.
- Reduction of illegal immigrants
- Globalization
- Rise in entrepreneurship
- Multicultural marketing
- Rich diversity
- Detrimental demographic changes
- Loss of jobs
- Increase in population
- Increase in poverty-stricken neighborhoods
- Economic crunch
- Racial tension

U.S. Census data (2000 ...

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