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Assimilation in the US

What makes the U.S. an assimilationist society? Who benefits and who suffers from it? Summarize the concepts of assimilation and pluralism. Is assimilation achieved in our society?

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The US Society & Assimilation

America had always been a 'melting pot' of cultures. America is a nation of immigrants from its very beginning in the colonial days. Immigration into the country had continued since then with much of the races and peoples of the world represented in the colourful cultural make-up of the US. Granted, much of these constitute minority groups with Anglo-Americans making up the most of the American population's ethnic make-up. Thus, the dominant culture is that we term is 'American' and the cultural and social values it espouses is one which has hegemony ...

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Concepts of assimilation in the case of the US as an assimilationist society is discussed and explored in this concise solution. references are listed for the purpose of expansion.