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    True or False - Culture helps people make sense of the world and instills moral values.

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    Indicate True or False

    ____ 1. Culture helps people make sense of the world and instills moral values.

    ____ 2. Enculturation is primarily instilled by parents.

    ____ 3. Culture only has one level.

    ____ 4. Knowledge of other cultures helps us understand our own culture.

    ____ 5. Culture plays a minor role in individual identity.

    ____ 6. Assimilation rejects the value of ethnic customs

    ____ 7. Multiculturalism does not acknowledging cultural criteria as the source of group formation.

    ____ 8. Multiculturalism is philosophically similar to assimilation.

    ____ 9. Multiculturalism is overt and not covert.

    ____ 10. Multiculturalism is accepts social ordering.

    ____ 11. Age is a minor dimension of one's cultural identity and social status

    ____ 12. Age groups share a collective identity.

    ____ 13. Linguistic relativism popular beliefs and stereotypes.

    ____ 14. Sometimes non-standards language variations carry a stigma.

    ____ 15. Men are frequently perceived as being less mature and dependable than women.

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