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    Interacting with People of Different Cultures

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    In our home, social, and work environments, we are likely to encounter people from many different cultures. In college, which allows people from all over the world to become involved, we are even more likely to interact with people from a wide variety of differences.

    1). What do you feel is the most difficult part of dealing with people from other cultures?

    2). What are the most significant benefits of interacting with people of different cultures?

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    1) As you brainstorm, what do you feel is the most difficult part of dealing with people from other cultures. It can be social norms that differ from one's own. For example, the expression of outward emotion, the use of the left hand, blowing one's nose and public, and other actions that are normal in American culture are deeply offensive in another. Thus, knowing the hidden and acceptable roles and social norms within other cultures is challenging.

    Besides these norms, it is also ...

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    Challenges of dealing with people from other cultures are briefly mentioned.