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    U.S. as assimilationist society

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    What makes the U.S. an assimilationist society? Who benefits and who suffers from it? Summarize the concepts of assimilation and pluralism. Is assimilation achieved in our society? I need scholarly resources and two to three paragraphs total.

    I understand assimilation means adaption to another culture and become integrated, and conforms to its functionalities of life; blending within the dominant culture and /or rest of the populace. And pluralism is the opposite of assimilation as it is a condition that produces sustained ethnic differentiation and continued heterogeneity.

    I always thought that while America is a melting pot there is not a lot of assimilation. I need help with understanding this. My text is too general. I need writing I can understand, so I can write about it.

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    This is a complicated issue, so I can understand your wrestling with the idea. There is definitely not only one viewpoint, but the most telling detail in my mind that speaks to the US being much more of an assimilationist society than a pluralist society is the way immigrant families end up being divided by a language gap.

    I grew up in a predominately white small town in the northwest, but our schools did include a representation of children of migrant workers, primarily of Hispanic decent. I became friends with some of these children and the lack of English skills among their parents was fascinating to me. The children were being sent to schools where English was the only language of study and were over time communicating less and less in their native language, and the parents remained isolated in their native language world, building friendships only with those from their same language family, and the children and parents were steadily ...

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    This solution provides a narrative description of the ways in which the U.S. embodies an assimilationist rather than pluralist mindset in regards to immigrants and foreign culture. It provides references to several articles that can be accessed free online that provide more detailed examples U.S. culture and the history of assimilation.