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Pluralism v. Assimilation

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Do you regard pluralism or assimilation as a more desirable condition from the standpoint of a minority group? Please qualify your response.

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Hello, and thank you for your question. Although you are asking for a very short response, I want to give a short disclaimer and inform you that this is a multifaceted issue.

I am assuming based on this context that you are referencing racial "minorities". I would like to step back to qualify that and underscore the fact that White Europeans though the "majority" in access, power, wealth, and control of resources are indeed the demographic minority on this planet. That being said, I will be using the term "People of Color" for the most sociological and intellectual honesty.

My short response is that pluralism is the more desirable condition from the standpoint of a person of color. However, you have only presented me with those two options - and assimilation is never and cannot ever ...

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This response addresses whether assimilation is more beneficial to ethnic "minorities" than pluralism.

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