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    Pluralism, Assimilation, Popular Transfer and Subjugation

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    Give an example of each and point to the social conditions that tend to produce each form. Please provide references.

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    1. Pluralism, Assimilation, Popular Transfer, and Subjugation. Give an example of each and point to the social conditions that tend to produce each form. Please give me any references that you may have.

    Race and ethnic relations may follow many different patterns, ranging from harmonious co-existence to outright conflict. George Simpson and Milton Yinger (1972) (1) have provided a useful typology of six basic patterns of intergroup hostility or co-operation, including pluralism, assimilation, popular transfer, and subjugation, legal protection of minorities and extermination.

    ? Pluralism: two or more groups live in harmony and retain their own heritage, pride, and identity.
    ? Assimilation: a racial or ethnic minority is absorbed into the wider society.
    ? Legal protection of minorities: the government steps in to legally protect the minority group.
    ? Population transfer: physical removal of a minority group to another location.
    ? Long-term subjugation: political, economic and social repression for indefinite periods of time.
    ? Genocide: mass annihilation of groups of people. (Simpson & Yinger, 1972,,+Assimilation,+Popular+Transfer,+and+Subjugation&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=7&gl=ca&client=firefox-a) (1).

    In fact, this typology covers virtually all the possible patterns of race and ethnic relations, and each pattern exists or has existed in some part of the world.

    1. Assimilation. In some cases a minority group is simply eliminated by being assimilated into the dominant group. This process may involve cultural assimilation, racial assimilation, or both. Cultural assimilation occurs when the minority group abandons its distinctive cultural traits and adopts those of the dominant culture; racial assimilation occurs when the physical differences between the groups disappear as a result of inbreeding. Brazil is probably the best ...

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    This solution gives a definition and an example of the terms pluralism, assimilation, popular transfer, and subjugation and then points to the social conditions that tend to produce each form.