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Canada: Racial Issues

What is role of ethnic inequality and dimensions, stratification (majority and minority), prejudice and discrimination, assimilation and pluralism in ethnic racial and struggles, and how do they play in building a new society in Canada with stability and changes in Canada?

In addition to the textbook, use a minimum of 2 or 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. Can use journals from Online Library databases, such as JStor, ProQuest, EBSCOHost, or from government or academic/educational websites, or professional journals and organizations in the field of Sociology.

Please do not use wikipedia or encyclopedias. Please include a list of resources used and the website or how to find them.

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Racial and ethnic struggles
Ethnic inequality and dimensions arises in countries as a result of different trends and causes as well as struggles arising from the role of ethnic inequality and dimensions. Prejudice and discrimination are negative manifestation of the power of integration. Prejudice and discrimination pushes people apart instead of holding them together despite the fact that it implies some sort of relationship (prejudice and discrimination n.d).
Assimilation has the role of interpenetrating and fusing persons and groups with acquired memories, sentiments, and other persons or groups attitudes, through the sharing ...

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Inequality and racial struggles in Canada are discussed in this solution.