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Education and Health Issues: Canada's Business

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Discuss how education and health issues change the ease of doing business with Canada.

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Education and health issues affect the ease of doing business with Canada. Educational issues relate to activities related to doing business in Canada. Dealing with construction permits requires submitting all relevant project specific documents such as building plans, site maps to the Canadian authority and getting all necessary clearances, permits, notifications, and receiving inspections. Each of these procedures requires a minimum level of education. A graduate level of education is appropriate. Similarly, getting an electricity connection requires a minimum level of education. An application has to be submitted to Toronto Hydro, get completion and approval of the project from an electrical design firm, submit final designs and get an offer to contract, and get final inspection done and get a meter installed. Each of these steps requires a minimum level of education. A mistake in the application or a problem in submitting the design can lead to serious delays in getting an electrical ...

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The answer to this problem explains the required qualifications and health inspections for Canada's business. The references related to the answer are also included.

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