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    Marketing Microcomputers

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    Four potential markets for microcomputers for expansion include Toronto (Canada), Paris (Europe), Tokyo (Japan) and New York (United States). Discuss the challenges of values based business decision making ethics in the current marketplace. Assess the current social and political climate of each. The three that are the best fit for this company are New York, Toronto, and Tokyo for the company based on the comparison to company values. Create recommendations that include a detailed rationale for your three choices.

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    One of the challenges of values based decision-making ethics in the current marketplace is the fact that competitor organizations may not be utilizing any values or ethics in their decision-making, which may make it difficult to compete effectively with organizations that will do anything in order to make a profit. Another challenge of values based business decision-making ethics in the current marketplace, is ensuring that the organization utilizes good ethics, but does not place such a tremendous emphasis upon very strict ethical guidelines, that business decisions are hindered. This is due to the fact that adhering to extreme ethical ...

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    This solution describes the interrelationship between business ethics and marketing.