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    Microcomputers are shipped to the university bookstore

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    Microcomputers are shipped to the university bookstore from three factories A, B, and C. You know that factory A produces 20% defective microcomputers, whereas B products 10% defectives and C only 5% defectives. the manager in the store receives a new shipment of microcomputers and discovers that 40% are from factory C. 40% are from factory B, and 20% are from factory A. Make a tree diagram.
    (a) what is the probabilities of finding a defective microcomputer in this shipment?
    (b) are the events "microcomputer comes from factory A" and "microcomputer comes from factory B" mutually exclusive? Are they Independent?
    (c) Suppose the manager randomly selects one microcomputer, and discovers that it is defective. What is the probability that is came from factory A?

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